I am really excited to post about Lane Marinho, an artist that I have admired for a long time! She makes beautiful shoes (as well as paintings) that I've been wearing all the time lately. I asked Lane some questions about her craft, her inspiration and her products which she kindly answered. I hope you enjoy learning about her! I already placed my next order... 

How did you get your start in the creative industry? And in shoes?
I was born in Salvador, in Bahia. I always liked drawing as well as arts & crafts. I learned at an early age to embroider little stitches and designs. I was the child that loved covering my work in many colorful drawings and was always with my colored pencils and notebooks. I would go to the beach to collect shells and little rocks and would save them to try make something later. 

I studied Product Design as well as Graphic Design, but I consider myself self-taught above anything else: I read books, look at how-to videos, and just try when I can. After winning a national contest organized by Melissa, I went to work with them in South Brazil for four years. Then, I worked for five years with the Arezzo group designing collections for Schutz and Alexandre Birman. 

It 2013, I decided to leave work as a designer and focus on manufacturing: cutting, sewing. Because I already knew the process, I began trying it on my own. 

Was it difficult to leave an established brand and start to work on your own project? What made you take the leap? 
It was not very planned. I thought I needed a change, I needed a space where I could experiment with my hands. Because of this, I began painting with oil. In the middle of the painting process, I bought materials to make flats and one process ended up mixing with the other. 

The change all happened after a period of design immersion in Rio de Janeiro, with the professor Charles Watson, who researches the creative process. It was an incredible experience. 

How would you define your aesthetic?
It is difficult to define my aesthetic, but I can speak about what inspires me. I am very passionate about natural beauty.  I think people make such an effort to create beautiful designs and objects... Meanwhile, this beauty is already present in nature, without the effort, silent and elegant. This fascinates me a lot and as a result I use flowers, plants, shells, corals, natural stones (precious or not) which for me are the height of effortless beauty and elegance. 

How do you combine your passion for art with making shoes? Do you try to make your shoes in the same manner as painting, for example, through color and texture? 
I think so. I'm not able to separate between one thing and another. The way of composing, organizing, choosing colors, the process is the same and what changes is only the media.

Through your instagram, I can see many different artists that influence and inspire you, is there one in particular that you consider a creative genius? 
Yes, I think Burle Marx is incredible. He is able to maintain an aesthetic coherence in his work as a landscaper, painter, designer and even singer. I like the idea of transitioning between different forms of expression. 

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes that you created?
I love the version with checked embroidery and coral applique. I think that's my favorite.