Every last Sunday of the month, there is a Food Truck “Encontro” that hits the quiet leafy streets of Moema. Located on a few blocks of two parallel streets,  I went to the festival this weekend for lunch in hopes of trying a few new trucks. São Paulo is seeing a big rise in the amount of Food Trucks hitting the streets and discovering a new truck to follow is a lot of fun. In my experience, the chefs of Food Trucks are very passionate about food but often run it as a side project or do not want to commit to a full-time restaurant. I like supporting people’s passion by eating at food trucks when I can! The trucks are also available to rent for private events, which I think is a wonderful and creative idea for a party or corporate event.

Since the fair is quite small (20 trucks to chose from), my tactic was to start at Mendozitos (the wine truc k) to get a glass of chilled wine before walking the streets to see all of the options before picking where to eat. Mendozitos is one of my favorite trucks in São Paulo, serving only wine, this truck is the perfect complement to the others. It is the perfect example of a “side-project” as its founders still work in journalism and advertising. With a glass of Malbec Rose in hand, I began the food journey…  

I started at Holy Pasta Food Truck to get the Mac n’ Cheese, the pasta most highly recommended by the chefs. The pasta didn’t disapoint but if you want to try a bunch of different trucks then I recommend splitting dishes when you can as the portions are large!  Next stop, Buzina to get a Veggie Burger (my favorite of the dishes I ate). Buzina is one of the most established of the food trucks and in my experience, the most accessible during the week. They are well organized in planning locations to serve and expansive in neighborhoods they visit.  Then, I went to Asian Father for a Pad Thai and lastly, the Box Fruta for an Acai Smoothie.

After all the food, my friends and I went back to Mendozitos to take a bottle of wine home!

Now that I have discovered some new trucks, I can follow them around the city and eat their food individually. But I’ll definitely be going back to the festival as the atmosphere and food was amazing. The next encontro in Moema will be on the 22nd of March!