Rio: Staying Active


One of things I miss most about living in New York are all the amazing workout options: barre classes,  soul cycle, body by simone, barry’s bootcamp …..the list goes on. I also loved the workout culture where it was also a fun social activity I would do with friends. 

Clara had already mentioned, but finding workout classes outside of gyms in Brazil is close to impossible (I’m so jealous she has Velocity). And even the classes offered at gyms are not of the New York standard (I took a spin class where the instructor didn’t even spin with us! Longest 45 mins of my life). On a positive note Rio is a super active and outdoor city meaning that you will constantly see Cariocas running, biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, playing volleyball along and on the beach – really motivating! With a backdrop like Rio, its almost impossible not to be part of the active way of life.

With little options left, I felt like it was finally the time to give the whole running craze a try. Only problem: I hate running... So, I needed some help to get into this running thing. Couch to 5k is a program that helps couch potatoes (me) get to running 5k (yay!). It gradually builds up your run with intervals of walking so that in 9 weeks you can accomplish a 5k run. I downloaded the British NHS podcast version which had "a coach" to help me know when to walk and when to run.  4 months later I can proudly say I’m a runner and am now training for my first 10k race-hoorah! I’m using RunKeeper which is a fantastic app that helps structure goals (like my 10k race) and keeps track of your runs and your progress.  

Of course I’m still in search of a barre class or some kind of toning class, so if anyone has any tips please do share (but not the online videos – I tried that and it’s just not the same).